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soybean pancake


Soybean Pancake Recipe

Soybean Pancake Recipe

Soybean pancake is a tummy filling snack. Soybean is full of protein, fiber, iron and anti-oxidant due to which it makes a tummy filling and nutritious snack. You can serve this to your family as breakfast. Your family especially kids will love it for sure! You can even pack these soybean pancakes in your kid’s tiffin.

Soybean pancake is very easy to make with ground soaked soybeans mixed with ginger, salt, green chilly and green coriander. You must have prepare various types of pancake and it is relished by everyone. This time make these scrumptious soybean pancake for you family. So, try out making soybean pancakes with these easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!



Wash the soya beans thoroughly with water and drain out the excess water from it. After that, soak the soya beans for 5 hours and remove the excess water from it. Now place the soaked soya beans in a mixer jar followed some water and grind it into a smooth paste.

soybean pancake

Transfer the soya bean paste in a big mixing bowl and add some more water to it. Mix it really well. Around 1 cup of water is used overall in making this batter. Batter should be of same consistency as required for making dosa.

soybean pancake

Now add salt, ginger paste, green chilly, chopped green coriander into the batter. Mix all the ingredients really and whisk it continuously for 2 minutes. Batter for making pancake is now ready.

soybean pancake

Place a non-stick pan on flame. When the pan gets heated aptly, pour some oil on it and spread it evenly. Now pour 2 tsp of batter on the pan and spread it keeping a thick layer by moving the spoon in circular motion. Pour some oil on the edges and top of the pancake.

soybean pancake

Now cover the pan and let the pancake cook for 3-4 minutes from beneath. Keep the flame on medium. After 4 minutes, take the lid off and drizzle some oil on top. Flip the sides of the pancake and let it cook from the other side as well without covering it.

soybean pancake

Once the pancake is roasted from other side as well, transfer it to a plate. Similarly, prepare the rest of the pancakes until the batter is utilized completely. Soya bean pancake is now ready.

soybean pancake


Serve this fluffy and nutritious soyabean pancakes steaming hot along with tomato sauce or any chutney you desired. Enjoy!


  • If you want then you can grind the roughly chopped ginger and green chillies along with soaked soya beans.
  • Take precautions while flipping the pancakes as they are very soft.
  • For 3 pancakes

Soybean Pancake Recipe soybean pancake
Recipe type: Snacks
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • Soya beans - ½ cup
  • Oil – 3-4 tbsp
  • Green coriander – 3-4
  • Green chilly – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Ginger baton – 1 inch (grated) or 1 tsp paste
  • Salt – more than ½ tsp or to taste
  1. Soak the soybean for 5 hours and grind it into fine paste.
  2. Take soybean paste in a bowl and add 1 cup of water, salt, ginger paste, green chilly and chopped green coriander. Mix it well. Batter is now ready.
  3. Heat a pan and pour the batter. Spread it and pour some oil on it.
  4. Now cover and cook for 3-4 minutes. Similarly, cook from other side. Transfer it to a plate. Soya bean pancake is now ready.
  5. Serve this fluffy and nutritious soyabean pancakes steaming hot along with tomato sauce or any chutney you desired. Enjoy!


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