Mango Burfi Recipe । Mango Fudge Recipe
Recipe type: Sweet
Cuisine: Indian
Mango Barfi is a sweet which is made up of natural ingredients and it doesn’t have any artificial ingredient. It is sweet which can be made easily, it has a mouth-watering flavour and it can be stored for a longer period.
  • Ripe Mango Pulp - 1 cup
  • Chickpea Flour - 1 cup (110 gms)
  • Sugar - ¾ cup (150 gms)
  • Ghee - ⅓ cup (80 gms)
  • Cashew - 10 to 12 pcs (finely chopped)
  • Pistachios - 10 to 12 pcs (finely chopped)
  • Green Cardamom - 5 to 6 (powder)
  1. - In a pan, melt ⅓ cup of clarified butter. Once melted, roast 1 cup of chickpea flour in it.
  2. - Roast the chickpea flour while continuously stirring it on a medium flame till it is brown in colour.
  3. - The chickpea flour has become dark. It means has been well roasted.
  4. - Now, peel 2 mangoes. Grind the mangoes and extract the pulp to get 1 cup of mango pulp.
  5. - Cook the pulp and ¾th cup of sugar together until the mixture becomes thick in consistency.
  6. - Add the roasted chickpea flour, few finely chopped cashews and green cardamom powder to the mixture.
  7. - Stir and cook until it becomes thick in consistency.
  8. - The mixture of chickpea flour and mango is now thick.
  9. - Take a plate and spread some clarified butter evenly on it.
  10. - Pour and spread the mixture in the plate. Garnish it with chopped cashews, pistachios and press them till they are well fixed in the mixture.
  11. - Allow it to set for 7 to 8 hours or leave it overnight. Keep it in the open or in a dry, cool place.
  12. - The barfi has set. We can now cut it into pieces. Heat the plate from bottom to remove the pieces with ease.
  13. - Mango Besan Barfi is ready to be served.
  14. Suggestions:
  15. - You can take any kind of mango. If they are threaded mangoes, filter them using a strainer before use.
  16. - If the colour of the mango is slightly light, you can add yellow food colour to it.
  17. - Mango Besan Barfi can be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within a month of preparation.
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