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Tatri | Nimbu phool | Lemon salt | Sour salt

What is Tatri ?

Tatri is a naturally occurring compound with tart, it has acidulous taste. It is odorless, colorless and crystalline. Tatri is made from citric fruits  such as lime lemons. It is made into crystal and powder form through a technical process. It is used in various foods to enhance taste. It is also used as preservative in jams etc.

Tatri in other languages.

Tatri is also known as Nimbu phool.  Citric Acid,Lemon salt, Sour salt. It is also known as nimbu na phool or , Nimbu sat.  It is also known as tartaric.

Tatri in appearance.

Tatri is basically colorless crystal. It is found in crystal as well as powder form.  It doesnt have a distinct taste and it doesn’t have a smell.

How to use Tatri?

If you have Tatri crystals, then prior to using it , do soak and dissolve it in lukewarm water.  If you are using Tatri powder then you do not need to mix it in water. It easily mixes with food products.

Benefits of Tatri

Tatri has vitamin C in abundance.  It is an antioxidant as well.  It is very good for proper functioning of the kidneys.

It also helps the body in absorption of minerals. If you are suffering from tonsil, gargle with lukewarm water mixed with tatri, it will give relief.  It also controls acidity.

Culinary Uses of Tatri

Tatri is basically used in recipes like, dhokla, namkeen, chena, or paneer, sherbet, chat masala etc.  It is also used as a preservative in jams , jellies, candies. Tatri is also used in Pani puri water instead of lemon juice at times.

Where to find Tatri and how to store it?

You can easily find Tatri at any grocery store. You can even purchase it online. To store Tatri keep it in an airtight container in a dry place.

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