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Samo Rice | Samak Rice | Sama Ke Chawal | Varai

Samo Rice

Samo rice is a kind of millet usually preffered during fasts. It is small and round in texture. This rice is smaller as compared to the rice grains.

Other names for Samo rice

Samo rice is also called Varai, Kodri, Samvat or Samak Chawal. It is called as Samo or Moriyo in Gujarat, called Bhagar and Varai in Maharashtra. It is called Mordhan or Sama ke chawal in Hindi, In Bengal it is known as Shyam or shyama rice.

Samo rice is also known as a wild rice at some places, as it grows along with grass in the rice paddy fields.

Uses of Samo Rice

As a few things are restricted from being used in Vrat, so you can consume Samo rice. It is easily digestible and has high nutritional value.

Being rich in fibre, samo rice gives you a felling of a full tummy. It in an healthy alternative to go with, it helps you remain active and provides energy too.

Health Benefits of Samo Rice

Samo Rice is gluten free, less in calorie. It also has less sugar content in it , so it it also preffered by those ailing from diabates. It can also be included in your diet food.

It is rich in mineral content and has carbohydrate, protiens and vitamin to give energy.

Culinary Uses of Samo rice

Where to find Samo rice

Samo Rice can be found at any grocery store. You can also purchase it through super marts or online.


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