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Jaggery Boondi Chikki Recipe

Jaggery Boondi Chikki recipe

Boondi chikki is prepared by cooking boondi in jaggery syrup and allowed to set in plate or a tray. This scrumptious chikki is great to eat, especially during winters. We all always relish eating boondi, prepared with gram flour. Making boondi is really an easy task. The two things that play important role here are a perforated spoon or boondi jhara and second gram flour.

Have you ever heard of chikki prepared with boondi? No, then to your surprise here is a great and simple recipe for making Boondi chikki. This boondi chikki keeps good for a month or so if stored in an airtight container. So, here’s an easy step by step recipe to make boondi chikki. Enjoy!



Getting ready:

1. Sieve chickpea flour in a bowl.

boondi chikki

2. Crumble jaggery and keep it in a bowl.

boondi chikki recipe

3. Grease some plates evenly with some oil.

boondi chikki recipe

4. Take a big mixing bowl and place chickpea flour into it. Add water in small portions and stir well to make a thick batter. The batter should be smooth.

boondi chikki recipe

5. Further add 2 tsp oil in the batter, followed by baking soda and whisk well.

boondi chikki recipe

6. Heat enough oil in a wok or pan.

boondi chikki recipe

7. Place a drop of batter in the oil. Check if it immediately floats on the surface. If the batter floats on the surface that means oil is sufficiently heated. If it doesn’t that means the oil is not heated well.

boondi chikki recipe

8. Now, bring the boondi jhara or slotted ladle over the wok and pour 1 to 2 tsp batter over it.

boondi chikki recipe

9. The batter will pass through the jhara and you’ll get round boondi floating on the surface. Place as much boondi as possible at once in the wok.

boondi chikki recipe

10. Toss and flip the boondi with a ladle and fry until it gets little golden brown in color and crispy.

boondi chikki recipe

11. Drain out the boondi using a deep slotted ladle or jhara. Place the fried boondi in a strainer or kitchen paper so that the excess oil will drains out in the plate kept below the it.

boondi chikki recipe

12. Take crumbled jaggery and ¼ cup water in another pan or wok.

boondi chikki recipe

13. Let it simmer until the jaggery melts completely. Stir at regular intervals.

boondi chikki recipe

14. When the jaggery melts completely, cook it for 2 to 3 minutes, more. Cook the syrup until it’s quite thick in consistency.

boondi chikki recipe

15. Reduce the flame to low and add boondi into it. Mix it well until each boondi get nicely coated with jaggery. Turn off the flame and stir well.

boondi chikki recipe

16. Pour the chikki mixture on greased plate.

bondi chikki recipe

17. Spread evenly and place it aside to set.

boondi chikki recipe

18. When the chikki is set completely, separate them from plate.

boondi chikki recipe

19. For this, heat the plate on flame for a second so that it gets easily separated from the plate.

boondi chikki recipe

20. Transfer the jaggery boondi chikki to a plate. Boondi chikki is ready.

boondi chikki recipeServing:

21. Serve this crispy and lip-smacking jaggery boondi chikki as it is. Store the chikki in an airtight container and relish eating for up to 1 month.

If the batter for making chikki is thick, then it will not come out soft and will get too hard.

Jaggery Boondi Chikki Recipe Jaggery Boondi Chikki Recipe
Recipe type: Sweets recipe
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • Gram flour – 1 cup (100 grams)
  • Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Baking soda – ⅓ tsp
  • Oil – to fry
  • Jaggery for syrup ((Crushed in small chunks) – 1.5 cup (300 grams)
  1. ake gram flour in mix big vessel and add water in small portions. Stir to dissolve lumps and make batter with thick consistency.
  2. Add 2 tsp oil and baking soda in the batter.
  3. Heat enough oil a wok or deep pan. Drop a small portion of batter in the oil and check if it floats immediately on the surface. If it does that means oil is sufficiently hot.
  4. Now take a boondi jhara and bring it over the wok. Pour 1 to 2 tsp of batter over it. The batter will pass through the ladle and you’ll get round boondi floating on the surface.
  5. Toss the boondi with a ladle and fry until they get little dark and crispy. Drain out the fried boondi in a strainer or over kitchen paper so that excess oil can be removed. Similarly, fry rest of the boondi as well.
  6. Take coarsely crushed jaggery and ¼ cup water in another pan and let in simmer on flame.
  7. Stir the jaggery at regular intervals and let it simmer till the jaggery melts completely. Once the jaggery is melted completely, cook it for 2 to 3 more minutes to get little thick consistency.
  8. Turn off the flame and add the fried boondi into it. Stir really well.
  9. Grease a plate or tray with some ghee and pour the batter into it. Spread it evenly and keep aside set.
  10. Later, separate out the chikki from the plate very gently. Boondi chikki is now ready. Store it in any air tight container and relish eating for up to a month.


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